As women, our reproductive area is very receptive to energy and can hold tension. Particularly if we’ve had dodgy sexual experiences or been with lovers who did not honour us, there can be energetic blocks in this sensitive part of our body. Here I’ll share one method to help release that tension so you can have more

This process is called ‘Yoni Mapping’ which can be done alone or with a trusted partner. It works best when you’re feeling safe and relaxed, so ensure you have privacy and perhaps do some deep breathing to bring yourself into your body, and your partner if they’re with you. Some women, even if partnered, will choose to do this alone, so do whatever feels most comfortable for you. It may be easier with a partner because you can relax and receive the process rather than doing it all yourself, especially if you are blossoming with a pregnant belly! You may wish to set an intention first, like “I willingly release tension in my yoni, for more free-flow of energy through me” or “I am free to feel what arises in my body,” or “I now release tension from my vagina,” or “I am softening for birth” or something that resonates with you. This process is about releasing blocks so you can feel more sensation in your vagina and allow more energy to flow through you. Remember, sexual energy is our creative life force, so freeing it up can enhance other areas of your life too.

To help feeling deep into the body, be mindful of your breath.  Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, breathe in all the way from your yoni with a count of 7 and breathe out slightly longer with a count of 11.  This mindful breathing helps calm our nervous system.  Stay with this breath until you are feeling really connected with yourself and partner if present.

It helps to use some coconut oil or other lubricant for comfort.  After massaging the body, inner thighs and vulva into relaxation – what you, or your partner, are going to do is gently insert a finger just inside your vagina and find an area where there may be some tension, numbness or discomfort. It is of utmost importance to be very honouring and respectful, and apply no more pressure than you would when pressing on your closed eyeball. Simply keep the finger held on that spot while the woman breathes with the intention to clear any blocked energy or to create more sensitivity. Allow anything to arise. There may be emotion, discomfort, laughter, tears, or numbness, it may not be immediately obvious. Do this until it feels complete. Then move the finger to another spot.

One way to do this ‘mapping’ is to start at 12 o’clock, or at the top just inside the entrance of the vagina, and move the finger around to 1 o’clock, then 2 o’clock etc so you gradually explore all the way around. Then if you like, you can move deeper into halfway, the deeper toward the cervix. For some women, just breathing into one spot may be all they want in one session, or you can do more. Listen to your body and do only what you feel comfortable with. Whenever you find a spot with any particular sensation, numbness or discomfort, stay with the finger on that spot and breathe until the energy has shifted.

This is a very intimate space to share with someone and important that they are able to be compassionate and accepting, allowing you to be with whatever arises without trying to fix anything. Know that your intention and loving presence is the key to healing, and this process is effective. Even if you don’t feel much during the process, be gentle with yourself afterwards to integrate the experience. You may be feeling fragile or sensitive or emotional, which can happen after a healing process. On the other hand you might feel more free, loving and sensual. Every woman is different, trust in your unique process and know that it is bringing you into more wholeness. Usually a loving hug afterwards is a lovely way to connect, or if on your own you could have a bath or shower to nurture and cleanse yourself.