Since I began sharing parts of my sexual awakening journey, the feedback has been inspirational and gives me the courage to share even more openly! So now I’ll share with you one of the most amazing sexual experiences I have had so far. I’ve had a few, and this one is a highlight. Each one of us has the potential for this type of experience once we really open up to our sexual flow.

Prior to this I had been doing quite a bit of emotional and energetic healing over the past while, as well as some specific sexual healing and de-armouring (which I’ll go into more in another post), so that helped me relax and open up to this bliss.

It began in deep heart connection with my man, Brett. We were merging in so much love, looking into each others’ eyes and feeling the beautiful sensuality of skin on skin. Deep trust was there and I was feeling so attracted to him, wanting to be seen and loved to my depths and beyond. After affectionately caressing and kissing each other for a while, we started making love. As Brett entered me slowly I felt really aroused, and our sexual energy started building along with our excitement. Then Brett slowed right down, so slowly that we could feel each millimetre of movement as if in slow motion. I felt the most exquisite pleasure spread through my yoni, felt ripples of pleasure travel through my cervix and expand deeply into my womb, then my entire yoni and womb was rippling with orgasmic waves flowing through my whole body for minutes and minutes, like I was riding on a cloud in heaven. This is called a ‘valley’ orgasm which keeps opening and opening beyond itself, taking me way beyond the edges of any pleasure I’d felt before. It felt like the core of my being was spreading through every layer of my body in absolute bliss. Simultaneously I started having psychedelic visuals, a total pineal gland activation, and so did Brett! So we were in this orgasmic cosmic timeless space for aaaages tripping out with fractals in the room and my womb and heart feeling like it was expanding into outer space. And within it all we could talk and connect, it was so surreal!

So that’s just a hint of what’s possible sexually, and I know there is so much more, both for me and for you! Sexual energy is beautiful and powerful, and I look forward to sharing more…


Avalon xox