Free 10 Minute Guided Heart Meditation

The heart as an opening to the yoni

This guided heart meditation offering is intended to enable greater opening and access to deeper sexual experiences of the yoni.  It is designed d to explore the nature of your heart in the moment while calming your nervous system to give fresh insights and perspectives. It can be used in general and will offer more understanding in the relationship between heart and yoni.  It is said and many women find that the more open their heart is the deeper they are able to experience the mysteries of the yoni and her pleasures.  The calming of the nervous system through guided breath in the mediation also helps move the body to a state of openness to receive and experience the moment. You can use this mediation over and over to find new perspectives in a given time. The heart is often our gateway to feeling and understanding things more fully, and certainly a gateway to deeply fulfilling sexual and intimate relating.