This blog is created to inspire people to awaken to their full sexual potential! Since I am a woman, I am sharing from a woman’s perspective.

I see sexual energy as pure life-force energy, which flows through every living thing. This is a broad view of sexuality which also includes sensuality, eroticism, orgasmic potential and pleasure. Mixed up with this are varying levels of disconnection, suppression and ignorance keeping us from feeling our full flow of energy. The suppression of our sexuality has been happening for many generations, so we have been kept from knowing our full sexual potential and personal power.

I used to think there was something wrong with my body, that my body just wasn’t very responsive sexually. Sure I could get aroused but it was pretty hit ‘n miss about where I went with it. I was fascinated with sexuality, orgasm in particular, because it was an experience that had me feeling connected with the entire universe, even if just for a few moments. It seemed like such a mystery to me, and what was even more mind-boggling is that no one was really talking about it! I mean, there was crass talk about having sex and cum and getting off…but no one talking about how expansive and amazing orgasm could be. And I want you to know that if you have a human body, this orgasmic potential is available to you too! You just need to learn how…

Then I discovered sacred sexuality, which resonated deeply with me. For the first time in my life I was able to feel myself deeply, to open like a flower into full bloom in my sexuality. It has been a path of ups and downs and certainly not for the faint hearted! To access the bliss means that sometimes we need to feel the pain that is in the way. We need to be able to be with whatever is arising in the moment, inviting all flavours of feelings and emotions into our intimate experiences, and not just the happy and light ones. Sometimes things feel dark and heavy, sometimes they feel painful and uncomfortable and even like you might die from embarrassment or rejection! To truly embrace your sexual nature means to accept everything that arises for you rather than rejecting any aspects of yourself. Ultimately it is about opening to deeper love, which means having a warm curiosity and acceptance for all the different parts of you that want to be heard. And through this, you become more freely alive and orgasmic.

So here begins the adventure of intimate sharing of ecstatic moments, embarrassing moments, pleasurable moments, painful moments and ultimately the bliss of becoming free to express our full sexual potential!

I invite your comments and feedback as we are all in this together, and our open sharing leads to more understanding and compassion for each other as we grow and evolve!

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Abundant blessings for your blossoming journey!


Avalon xox

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