I have had a few sessions with Brett and I can honestly say I have never felt so safe and respected in my vulnerability. With Brett’s gentle intuition and ability to hold space I was able to move through some issues that were really blocking me. During this time I have had some empowering transformations. I am very grateful to have found someone with such a beautiful, healing gift. Thank you


Within Brett is a giant of a man. I admire tremendously the intimate and evolved relationship he has created with his partner Alice. I admire too the wisdom and courage of his parenting style. Brett is the embodiment of mature, compassionate, wise male energy – trustable, present, in-his-heart, holding space. To be honest, I have not encountered this level of truth, power and integrity in any other male – he is a rare gem and an unparalleled role-model. I am so happy that the Relationship / Sexuality coaching world has a man of his calibre now leading workshops and sessions. He doesn’t just “talk” it, he LIVES it. The world will heal with male leaders like Brett. Ahh …. if only we could clone him! The individual sessions I’ve received from Brett, as well as just getting to know him as a man have been transforming – there is none other I could recommend more highly.


Brett has such a masculine presence & compassion of person that for the first time ever in my life, I felt safe enough to sit in my vulnerability & not feel weakness in exposing it. It was because of who Brett is & his core essence, that while I was there in my vulnerability, I was able to experience the power, the strength & the beauty I am when I sit in my true femininity & allow myself to be truly seen in my vulnerable Divine state. He held space for me & I was allowed to be free to experience that for as long & in any way that I needed. I have immense Gratitude to Brett as now I have been able to show this tender side in me towards my children & others that are close to me & love on a whole new level. I thank you Brett from the core of my being.