Many people crave deeper and more meaningful connections in their life.


Embodied Evolution evenings provide a safe and fun social place to explore and discover more authentic ways to express yourself with others.

During the evenings you’ll explore a variety of themes in a supportive community. Themes like consent, personal boundaries, self-expression, empathetic truth, deep listening, playfulness, subtle energy sensing, the power of vulnerability, integration and polarity, breath, listening to your body, deep discernment, empathy and more.

Embodied Evolution intends to support your personal growth and empowerment in self expression and relating.

This heart-centred event held warmly by facilitators Avalon and Brett each month.

It is suitable for both singles and couples. It is a pressure free environment for you to feel into what is true for you in every moment.

Location: Coffs Harbour

Venue: TBA

Date: TBA

Time: 7-10pm

Contact: or

Embodied Evolution

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