Healthy Community Relating

A phnemomenial social experiment that took place in London (1926 - 1950), called the Peckham Experiment and the implications for our well-being and community relating today if the findings were widely adopted would sky rocket us beyond a lot of personal and social issues that are occurring today.

Being open to an abundance of love choices

Occasionally, I see advertisements for “calling in the one”. The general idea is to attract 'the one' into your life and live happily ever after. Sounds pretty enticing for someone who has a pattern of moving from one relationship to the next or has been single for much longer than they'd wish. I'd like to offer a slightly different worldview that recognises opportunities for deeply loving relationships are abundant.

Loving Inquiry: moving from conflict to understanding

A struggle that comes up for many relationships time and time again is how to move through conflict to a place of understanding. Either the conflict is just too hard and it's easier to withdraw until it blows over, or the issue is just so important that we need to make the other understand and we can't let it go until there's resolution. A loving inquiry provides a way toward connection and understanding in difficult times.